Case: Intersoc

The non-profit association Intersoc has been organising "healthy mountain air holidays" for members of the Christian Mutuality (CM) since 1949. Initially only for children, millions of Flemish and Walloon families followed suit. However, the association felt as if they started to lose touch  with the current generation of parents.

Challenge: to immerse the non-profit association Intersoc in the world of today's young parents.

Approach: our approach started with 2 workshops in which Intersoc's management, employees and hotel managers were initiated in the current travel trends, characteristics and communication and media preferences of Millennial's parents. Surprised by what they heard, we were commissioned to do two projects.

On the one hand, a quantitative and qualitative research on the worries, preferences and challenges of Millennial single parents. The goal was to investigate to which degree Intersoc’s offer and services needed to adapt to their present needs. 

Secondly, based on the insights on communication and media consumption of Millennials, we created a tailor-made recommendation regarding Intersoc’s communication channels, which we help implement during an intensive consultancy program.

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