mIKs-it, the only safe social media app for young children and families.

Challenge: Being able to share pictures and videos of your children with family members and letting your children explore the world of social media in a safe and secure way is a very important issue. We can’t deny the fast-changing world of technology anymore we can deny that generation Alpha will grow up in a multimedia world marked by social media and technology. So it is very important that our little loved ones get to know how to handle this fast pacing technological world as soon as possible.

Approach: the social media app mIKs-it is just that safe and secure social media app all young families need! mIKs-it makes it possible to share pictures and video’s of your little loved ones with family members without being tracked. That makes mIKs-it the very first completely safe and secure social media app. The family can enjoy pictures and videos and via a double control system app, the kids can explore the fast-changing world of social media without any risks or dangers. This is possible because of a social media app that allows parents to guide and control their children’s moves on the mIKs-it app and because of the “no tracking” and privacy policy of mIKs-it.

Not only is mIKs-it a great social media app for families, but also schools can enjoy this safe social media app! Teachers can upload pictures and videos of their class en share these with the parents so they get the chance to follow what their little loved ones do when they’re in school.

Trendwolves is therefore very pleased to support mIKs-it in making its concept known to the world!