CONSULTING. Ideation Workshops for Deutsche Telekom

How can a telecom provider address Millennials in a way that better fits their expectations and lifestyle? Trendwolves set up two ideation workshops in Berlin for Deutsche Telekom Europe, which resulted in +60 categorised ideas and 15 best concepts ready to be validated and prototyped. 

t’s safe to say Millennials (born between 1987 and 2000) can’t live, breathe, eat or sleep without their phones close to them. How can a telecom provider cater Millennials to their needs?Deutsche Telekom Europe inserted two Trendwolves ideation workshops into it’s broader research project about young people’s lifestyle.

First step was a workshop in which we infused the DT team with our insights in youth trends, after which we mutually defined and redefined opportunity fields and design challenges.

Step two consisted of harvesting valuable concepts during a one day workshop, also in Berlin, with Millennials from all over Europe representing the footprint of Deutsche Telekom. We set up the workshop in no time (it took us only one week), activated our European youth network in order to groom the right participants for the part, managed the workshop itself, and eventually gathered over 60 project ideas. 

Third and final step of the process: categorising and evaluating the output. We augmented fifteen of the best concepts, enriching them with our own research and experience, before presenting them to Deutsche Telekom.

„Working with trendwolves was a great inspiration. They gave us a very fresh perspective on the future of telecommunication and what millennials really need. The workshop with the Millennials from the European youth network was a special highlight. It was a unique experience working together with so many inspiring young people from all over Europe in a very intense one-day workshop“ Peter Eisele, Senior Expert Customer Experience Management @Deutsche Telekom Europe

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