Coolhunting in Berlin

Trendwolves went coolhunting in Berlin with 120 students from Vlerick Business School. Groups of students roamed the streets of the forever vibrant city, in search of all things new and exciting. They instagrammed their journey, thus sharing their insights with each other. 

120 future General Management Masters of Vlerick Business School invaded Berlin in may, as the  end of their year long program approached. 

Trendwolves provided a one day coolhunting workshop, during which the students learned to look at the city in a whole new way. After a trend and coolhunting introduction by Tom and Lina, students were sent off in groups of ten with a tailored booklet of the neigborhood's hotspots and one assignment:  find proof of 3 trends, and report your results via Instagram. 

And boy, did they find proof, as the examples below show. 

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