Framily: How (not) to address young moms

What is an ordinary next door family today? The new generation of parents are far more diverse and complex than mom + dad + 2 perfect kids. So why do a lot of ads still portray them as such? This is how (not) to address young mothers: 

We created a couple of movie clips for the UBA Trends Day 2017. One of our messages, delivered by our Framilies expert Amélie (Buy the Framily book in our shop): stop addressing moms as nothing more than moms. Young parents still want to be the young people they were before they became parents: stylish, ambitious, creative, interesting, edgy and unique. They didn't like to be patronized by their parents, let alone by brands.  

"Where's dad when a diaper needs to be changed? Of something needs to be cleaned up?  Why is everyone looking so white? Perfect? Beige and Blah? "


"There's a new generation of parents on the rise. They're far more diverse and complex, and they don't relate to that image. For instance: there's a growth of single parents, blended families and framilies."

A lot of advertisers try but fail, and then there are the ones that totally get it. Like the American mobile provider Cricket Wireless


Happy Mother's Day!

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