Future strategy approach

We recently helped an international fashion and accessory retailer to better understand retail expectations and communication preferences of younger consumers. The company faced a downward trend in sales and a fading brand image amongst their Gen Z target group. In response, they took us on board after we pitched a future strategy approach.

Our future strategy approach consisted of the following steps.

Qualitative research
We conducted a national qualitative research during which we observed and casually interviewed the target group in and around key stores in an non-intrusive way. The results where then extensively discussed during focus talks and workshops with handpicked influential youngsters. The ones other kids look up to, the ones that speak up for others, the ones that carry weight amongst theirs peers, as we believe they are the driving force of innovation.
Ideation workshops
During several workshops with the company’s key sales, communication, marketing and buying team, we summarised and presented the results of the qualitative research, followed by lectures on Gen Z characteristics and communication channels and the latest international trends and cool hunts in retail. As such, we gave participants all the insights and tools needed for the several brainstorms, exercises and debates on the future strategy of the company.

Concluding presentation & document
The conclusions of both research and ideation workshops were then summarised into a concluding document and presentation on the future strategy of the company - mainly focusing on communications strategy, shop concepts, retail services and staff - in which we added own creative ideas and recommendations to engage with a Gen Z target group, with quick-wins and long-term ideas.

Tailored consultancy
Because it’s so easy to get misled by your own frame of references and ideas, we keep consulting the company’s team regarding their young customers’ expectations and preferences. As such, they don’t forget to keep youth’s DNA in mind with every strategic decision they make.

With this approach we help all kinds of brands, companies, SME’s and governments to anticipate and initiate, before it’s to late. Companies have always had to adapt to shifts in consumer behaviour and competitive threats. Regardless of region or period of time. Those who don’t evolve together with their consumers and aren’t aware of these shifts, lose. Now more than ever. Even if today’s youth is not your target group, understanding them is essential to innovate and stay relevant in the future.

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