Gen Z & Work

In a couple of weeks, a big load of freshly graduated Gen Z will be available on the job market. Finally, one might think, as our economy is growing and vacancies are just waiting to be filled. How to seduce youngsters into applying for your company?

1. Your vibe attracts your tribe
For youngsters, a good vibe amongst colleagues is almost equally important as their salary (30% vs 36%)*. For some perspective, Gen X values its pay check at the end of the month a lot higher (67%)*. So, if you want to attract some fresh blood, invest in your company culture. Create room and activities to enable employees to meet, have a talk and bond with each other in a fun and relaxed way. If your co-workers genuinely enjoy themselves at work, they will be your finest ambassadors, both online as IRL, which doesn’t mean you can’t share fun moments on your social channels, too.

2. What’s your impact?

As a value driven generation, youngsters care about people and planet. Companies that give back to the community by investing in sustainable projects, education or health for instance are far more attractive to young potentials than companies that put profit first. What does your company genuinely care about? When doing good, you’ll attract good, too.

3. Have a vacancy that stands out

One of the main reasons for youngsters to apply for a job is curiosity. How would it be like to change jobs, work at that company? Would I be the lucky one to land the job? How much could I make there? But, before they start asking these questions they have to see your vacancy first. Youngsters are constantly bombarded with all kinds of visual and audio impulses, that’s why their attention span decreased massively over the last decade. If you want to grab their attention, make sure your vacancy stands out.

4. Skip the waiting game

The long wait before they get feedback on their candidature is what frustrates youngsters the most in the whole job application process. As this generation grew up with social media and digital technology, they’re used to get instant feedback on their social posts and expect online purchases to be delivered on their doorstep within 24h. No wonder they lose their patience when they don’t get any reaction to their application. If you want to keep them motivated and excited regarding your job offer, make sure to manage their expectations and let them know when exactly you will get back to them with feedback. And don’t forget to live by your own deadlines, off course.

5. Forget about experience and qualifications.

It’s the attitude that matters. In the past, there was one path from college to retirement. Today we see that path becoming more complex and more fragmented. Young people try out opportunities, add experiences to their resumé, collaborate on a project or develop micro-careers. If you find that gem of an individual whose personality and attitude meshes perfectly with your company culture, hire them, even if they have no certain level of skill in the industry or job type they’re applying for. Hire for attitude and train for skills. They will be forever grateful for the opportunity to learn new skills on the job - via mentorship off course - as they are eager to learn and constantly want to improve themselves.

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(*) based on & Trendwolves research.

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