Hello bank! pop-up

How can we connect with young consumers? 
Which marketing strategy fits a future oriented mobile bank?

Young people are skeptical towards the banking world and no longer accept pushy advertising. On the other hand, they are more eager to learn than ever before and their desire for financial education is big. With this in mind, we came up with something new: a temporary space where people encounter what Hello bank! actually is.

Hello bank! is more than a bank. It is an innovative brand that aims to offer their customers what they need, like, and could inspire. With pop-up shops we try to embody these goals. In the heart of Antwerp and Brussels, we have transformed shop buildings into community spaces. Our pop-ups are a place where people can study, work, follow lectures, discover new stuff or just hang around and enjoy a good coffee. 

There were workshops on app building, graffiti, illustrator, hair styling, eco living, and so much more.

Our answer: 
- marketing strategy design
- pop up concept
- cutting edge activations
- roadshows on mobile trends