TREND REPORT. Gen Z's expectations in the workplace.

Accent Jobs, the HR expert in specialist permanent recruitment, approached us to realise a white paper about the up-and-coming generational shift in the workplace, with a specific interest for generation Z’s expectations.

Nobody likes endless presentations of bar graphs and pie charts, right? Accent Jobs asked us for a both appealing and cristal clear white paper. Pronto, please.

In two weeks time we delivered a flashy 36 paged booklet - still within Accent Job’s brand ID of course - explaining our vision on generational shifts. We deducted 8 trends out of the combination of Advent’s quantitative research and our own youth culture insights. To top it off, we concluded with 10 tips on how to get along with Generation Z in the workplace.

Have a look at the booklet 'Moving Forward Insights' (in dutch) following this link.

The booklet is used as an inspiration tool for seminars and lectures, as a means to generate press coverage on Accent Jobs, and as a way to inform Accent's B2B clients about the new generation that will enter the job market very soon. 

The white paper got featured in national, quality media outlets such as De Morgen, La Libre Belgique and L’Echo, and Knack

But what are the trends, you wonder? We can’t share all of them, but we don’t mind leaking a couple of insights. We've written a blog about four of the trends. Read it following this link. 

Eager to know more about the project? Drop us a word and get your hands on the full report. We’re wolves, but we don’t bite.