This was The Futures of...HR

Gen Z and their lifestyles, tastes and preferences are making HR professionals nervous. Feeling it too? This was The Futures of...HR on april 25th in Ghent: 

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The Futures of...HR? An afternoon at Trendwolves HQ, in which we tackle today's and tomorrow's HR challenges from a youngster's point of view. Aside from the input of two of our experts, we provide ample opportunity to translate our insights to your work environment.


14h00: lecture 1 - Gen Z at work (by Ellen Anthoni)
14h40: discussion & exercise
15h25: lecture 2 - How to work with 4 generations (by Amélie Rombauts)
16h05: discussion & exercise

When? April 25th
Where? Ghent (Belgium)
Price? 120 €
Language? Dutch

The Futures of... is a series of lectures and workshops based on the insights of our Youth Trend Report Browsing The Margin.