Lecture: Youngsters & social media: How to get in touch with Gen Z in the digital world

Gen Z is hyperconnected and is consuming, communicating and creating their lives via connected screens.

Lines between different channels are blurring, and Gen Z relies on no fewer than five screens for their digital fix. Because Gen Z switches between all of those screens, their brains are used to process information at a much faster speed. As a result they want shorter bursts and snackable content. We also see an evolution towards online tribes, where each social network has its own characteristics and is used for a different part of their fragmented identity.

During the trend lecture ‘youngsters & social media’ communication tools and technologies are discussed extensively and illustrated with the latest coolhunts and best practices. Which social networks are hot and happening? How does Gen Z communicate with their peers? Which channels do they use to connect with brands?

A trend presentation that is suitable for communication and marketing professionals who want to better understand today’s young generations.

Duration: 45-60min