Student survey for MNM

How do Flemish students between ages 13 and 25 spend their time studying?
How do they study and what else do they do?

Some of our findings (based on input from more than 3000 students):
- Flemish students study hard: 6,5 hours/day on average. 
- Lots of differences between male and female students. The girls study harder and are better prepared, but also have more psychological complaints whilst studying. 
- Facebook helps to cope with the loneliness for 6 out of 10 students (but 8 out of 10 say they get distracted by it too often)
- Boys are, not surprisingly, more... 'turned on' during exams (that's also why two students erected -hehe- the online pop up sex shop Blok&Fok)
- Nothing beats pizza as the perfect exam-meal. 

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Also: Het Nieuwsblad & De Standaard used our data recently