This is how we'll work: Phygital Nomads Report

The way we work is changing rapidly. On October 13th, we launched the Phygital Nomads trend report we've written for Workero, on emerging shifts in work-life culture and the impact on the workspace. 

pictures by Yann Bertrand

What evolutions are shaping the way we work? In the Phygital Nomads trend report we've written for Workero, we dive into the emerging shifts in the work landscape, trends in the workforce and their impact on the workspace.

How to cater to a workforce of Phygital Nomads? The ones that work from varying places, and choose for the physical workspace that suits their needs? 

Where you are is where you work

Workero might have an interesting and exciting solution. Workero turns unused desks & office space into knowledge exchange hubs. The platform helps companies with idle office space and digital workers - the heroes - in need of that space. Workero leads up to collaborative networking, closer to home wage-earning, buzz, knowledge sharing, new business opportunities and a happy, flexible workforce.

Would you like a copy of the report? We'd be glad to help you out: click!