Fruit and Vegetable workshops for Young Families

We've set up a pre-test for our brand new fruit and vegetable project in six Lidl supermarkets, to encourage children to eat more fruits and greens. It was a big hit. 

The last few weeks mobile workshops took over 6 Lidl supermarkets from Blankenberge to Luik, inviting children to create little pieces of art with fruit and greens with the aid of Maya the Bee. 

While kids were making pizzas, rackets, cars and turtles, parents were asked a few questions. It was a great opportunity to raise feedback from young parents, and their children, about the new fruit and vegetable concept we designed for Lidl.

Young families really appreciated the effort by Lidl to lend a hand in the process of learning children to eat fruit and greens. In the last months we had many conversations about healthy food in the context of our book about Framilies ( = friends and families), that will be released in 2016. These conversations taught us healthy nutrition is a top priority for young families. Sugar and fat are the enemy and fruit and greens the alternative.

This strategy designed by Trendwolves for young families, on behalf of Lidl, builds upon the 
new image of Lidl as a discounter of fruit and vegetables. More about that soon.

At the conference “Trends in kids & jongeren en familie marketing’ on the 24th of September in 
Amsterdam, Trendwolves will tell you all about Framilies, the networked communities.

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Tutorial: Fruit And Vegetable Carving For Kids (NL)

Tutorial: Fruit And Vegetable Carving For Kids (FR)