Underwebtribes: a new kind of subcultural tribes

Eluding geographical limitations, youngsters connect with kindred spirits to share their passions, opinions and missions. Powered by the Internet, they are tied to multiple close-knit and less close-knit groups that all differ in customs and culture. In an ever-changing and overwhelming world, they seek tribal safe havens for support, inspiration and advice.

Youngsters are frequently in touch with one another in the online world, but also create moments in the real world to celebrate their togetherness. It’s these communities that push the boundaries from the bottom up, while experimenting with new organisational structures. Many remain safely under the radar and try to stay underground, some don’t mind to go public. A new kind of subcultural tribes are clearly on the rise.

In helping them cope with the outside world, these mobs are like micro-universes, where they can realise their potential and recharge themselves. Centred on a sartorial style or certain music genre, other types of groups are more loosely organised. And there are networks that are tied to a functional online platform where the flock serves a business or functional purpose. Quite often however, these networks play a profound role in their lives.

Every community has different origins, communication channels and meeting places. But also the level of trust, solidarity and openness, to what degree they operate underground and what rituals are customary, fluctuate per community.

We're submitting a new tribe each week. So far: we've covered World of Cyborgs, Artivism & Hacktivism, Cosplay, and Freegans & Urban Foragers. Stay Tuned...

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