Wellbeing Communities: How going to the gym turned into spiritual gatherings

Belonging is an important human need, even more in times that the outer world is very overwhelming.  More and more sectors are accommodating to this basic human need. Wellbeing and health is one of them. 

For Millennials, health is about all facets of life and how they are connected — from maintaining a healthy work-life balance to managing stress and cultivating positive experiences.

Encompassing all four pillars of health — mind, body, soul and social — group settings for health and wellness related activities grow steadily. The CrossFit movement, but also SoulCycle and Wellvyl for example, are social wellness clubs that seek ways to foster deeper connections through health, wellness and real life interaction. Some days these clubs look more like a nightclub, at another moment they’ll appear as a spiritual healing center.

Mass guided meditations, extensive workout programs, morning rave parties or ecstatic dance,... the community aspect of ‘feeling good’ manifests itself in a wide range of activities in which the physical and the spiritual merge smoothly.

Knowing the communities youngsters take part in is the first step to get them in motion. How precisely? Contact us and we’ll figure it out together ;-)