What's your privacy profile?

It's often stated that youngsters don't give a f*** about online privacy. In honour of Data Privacy Day (January 28th), we would like to clarify that most do care, according to the quantitative research study we carried out on behest of Hello bank!

Are you an Apathetic, a Fatalist, a Mainstreamer, or a Privacy Priest? According to the study we carried out amongst 800 belgians (18 to 40 years old), you belong to one of four different privacy profiles. The profiles have been constructed on privacy concerns (how concerned are you about your online privacy?) and privacy behaviour (how to you shape your online privacy-related behaviour)

Are you an Apathetic?

(as were 13% of our respondents)

You don't really care  about privacy, so you don't do much to protect your data from prying eyes.

Doesn't mean you don't use the internet or social media. You do, and you never read the terms and conditions, nor do you change the default privacy settings. You'd gladly consider selling your personal data to companies if you would get something in return. 

Are you a Fatalist?

(as were 31% of our respondents)

You're very aware that your privacy is being breached all the time, but you can't do an awful lot about it.

You're a member of the second largest group. You would very much like to know more about online protection of personal data, because now you have no idea where to start. As you feel that you've relinquished large parts of your privacy anyways, you're quite willing to negotiate good exchanges for your personal data. 

Are you a Mainstreamer?

(as were 39 % of our respondents)

As a result of your privacy actions, you're less concerned about your online privacy than other groups.

You belong to the most average group, the ones with less-than-average concerns and higher-than-average behaviour. You're slightly in favor of selling personal data and sharing data with brands that you like. You're not dogmatic about privacy protection nor are you laissez-faire. Your motto: 'It depends'. 

Are you a Privacy Priest?

(as were 17% of our respondents)

You're very - VERY -  concerned about privacy, and you do everything in your power to protect your personal data. Still, it's not enough.

You're quite different from the other profiles, as you actively evade social media and common browsers, email servers, etc. Despite your actions, you're very insecure about your privacy skills, as you think most data companies still outsmart you. That's why you're unwilling to negotiate your privacy, and to share information with brands (even the ones you like).

We know much more about youngsters and privacy. Ask away! 

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