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Launch of the Hello Jazz Trend Report

What is it about jazz these days? STUFF. is all over the place, Nordmann was runner up in Humo's Rock Rally, and TaxiWars attracted the eye of the mass media. Last week, we launched our latest report: Jazz is our mother tongue, we don't know what's going to happen next. 

Framilies: We're parents. So what?

Not all Gen Y parents are struggling with parenthood as some blogs, articles and research suggest. And they can't relate to picture perfect parenting either. Self-reflection is the new bliss.

What are framilies?

Framily, as in friends and family, is the key to understand today's young families. According to Amélie and Filip, Trendwolves' Millennial families experts, Gen Y'ers "do" parenting a whole lot differently than Gen X or than the babyboomers.