On the 29th of April, together with our amazing partners, we organised BitBrussels, the very first Belgian Web3.0 gathering completely focused on teaching, inspiring, and educating everyone about the possibilities of Web3.0. It was a successful first edition of many to come focusing on NFTS, DAOS, Tokens, and Metaverses.

Challenge: Only 22 years ago the Daily Mail predicted that the Internet would just be a passing train and would never break through, and we all know how that turned out. So why wouldn’t we believe in the power and potential of Web3? If BitBrussels taught us anything, it’s that Web3 is the future, and embracing it can only lead to positive outcomes for your organisation and brand.

Approach: BitBrussels, thé event where international speakers with a real passion for the topic gather to discuss, explore and get to know anything related to Web3. Different talks and panels were sprinkled throughout the day accompanied by NFT artworks by young digital artists and great tunes by DJ Oliver Alex. We invited 35 renowned experts and young talents to join us, going from Iara Dias of Decentraland, to Karel Platteau of Meta, to Magnus Jones of EY, to Alexander Russman of Hbar Foundation, to Katryna Dow of Meeco, and many more. The whole program of who spoke at the event can be found on the website. We focused on 6 different topics: Eduskills, Metaverse, Food, Fashion, Applications, and Culture. Throughout the panels and talks, attending guests also got the chance to ask questions that would otherwise be difficult to get an answer to.

People interested in getting a job in the Web3 field were also able to follow a workshop organised by Antonin Marlier of workinblockchain. Ending the inspiring day with drinks wasn’t enough for a lot of the attendees, who kept on networking while walking through the exit doors. This shows us that there’s still so much to discover about the Web3.0 scene and we can’t wait to discover it together with you! That’s why this first edition of BitBrussels is only the beginning. In September we will be partnering up with Brussels Blockchain Week to bring an even bigger and better second edition. So be on the lookout for extra information about the next edition and get ready for another inspiring day getting to know the wondrous world of Web3.0 by subscribing to our newsletter. See you in September!

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