Case: Agoria

Agoria is the Belgian federation for the technology industry. Their research on the job market of tomorrow shows the challenges of tomorrow. Their project ‘Be The Change 2030’ wanted to provide practical tools for all businesses to act on today. They also wanted to raise awareness of the changes by young talents. 

Challenge: With the results of their research about the challenges of the future job market in 2030, we were asked to gain insights with experts to turn them into hands-on actions. Not only the employees of today have to be aware of the changes, but youngsters were also involved.

Approach: We organized 5 tables in 4 different cities all over Belgium. Top-notch experts in HR and technology, professors in ethics, product developers,..

We analyzed all those new insights and supported them in the translation to hands-on actions for the businesses.

The young talents who are ready to join the job market have to be prepared too. We involved 60+ students and 20 kids to think about their future. We brought 120 young talents with us to Agoria’s Annual Event. To meet the king, to be inspired by experts on stage, and to connect with the future job market.

To have a good view of the opinions of the Belgians we created a survey were 568 Belgians took part.

The insights in this project served to create practical, hands-on tools for businesses (small and big) to anticipate the shortage of good, qualitative employees and the challenges (technology) of tomorrow.

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