Case: B-hive

European Fintech Platform B-Hive requested a framework for its employer branding targetting different generations. 

Challenge: B-Hive aims to map and strengthen the talent pool of Europe's finance sector. How can B-Hive help financial institutions, banks, and fintechs to attract both promising students, young entrepreneurs ànd experienced banking employees? 

Approach: We combined our insights in generations, HR and fintech, interviewed a number of stakeholders in the Belgian finance sector and summarized the findings in the report Why Fintech Rocks. The report provides the framework for a heck of an employer branding.  Which characteristics of the sector can be put forward in order to attract the suitable profiles? How can Belgian fintech present themselves to future employees? How can we make fintech a household notion in education, on job boards, and in people’s heart & mind?

Knowing what drives Millennials and Gen Z to get them in motion is the first step to attract them. Get your dose of insights through one of our lectures on Gen Z and generations at work.

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