Trendwolves created the (Dutch) marketing campaign behind WAT WAT. It’s the new youth information platform from the Flemish government, formerly known as De Jongerengids. From youngsters' first kiss till their first job, WAT WAT has the answers for them.

Challenge: Create a creative marketing strategy to launch WAT WAT to youngsters from the age of 11 till the age of 24. The campaign needed to be visual, innovative and from the perspective of youngsters. 

Approach: Our campaign was threefold and in a phygital way, combining online and offline tools. As co-creation is key in reaching a young audience, we’ve teamed up with some engaged influencers. They created a personal dilemma about their struggles in life. Firstly, the 8 influencers all have their own poster, these posters were spread all over Flanders. Secondly, they shared the dilemma on their personal channels to engage youngsters. And thirdly, we decided to develop a game on Facebook Messenger to be within the closed networks where youngsters prefer to communicate. 

" I have an exam tomorrow, do I report myself sick or do I power through? " Marco Rondas, 14 years old

Throughout the campaign there was one constant: dilemmas. The ones from the influencers, but also in the game where youngsters have to guess the answers to their friends dilemmas. They can also guess the answers to the dilemmas of their favourite influencer. If they win, they defeat the dilemma llama. 

Besides that we involved the influencers throughout the whole process. Peer-to-peer communication was key in this campaign. 

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