Case: Youth and professional orientation

Who do you want to become? What are your strengths vs. weaknesses? What are your options when you graduate from high school? These are just a few of the many challenging life questions for Gen Z. The abundance of choice, and information spread on the internet doesn’t make it easier for them to get some answers. We’re happy to help get the right information to the right crowd.

Challenge: Gen Z insights, and a hands-on strategy to guide youngsters in their professional life.  

Approach: Firstly we did qualitative research to know how they could reach this target group, and what information they require. Based on 4 discussion groups with youngsters between 16 and 24 years old, we created a (digital) hands-on information strategy for the years to come to prepare them for the job market, and offer them useful information.

Getting serious on reaching, really understanding, and co-creating with youngsters?

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