How to talk with young consumers? The easy answer:

How to get in touch in with your young customers in a credible and valuable way? How to strenghten the bonds with today’s critical and hyperdiversified generations? Sometimes, the answer is simple: invite them to study at your place.

It’s that time of the year again: students gather at university libraries, studies and wherever there’s a quiet room to share. It’s a most profitable time to build a positive connection to your brand, or to strenghten the bond between your customers and your brand. Why not offer students a space where they can study, work, learn, play or just hang out during the painful months (or weeks) of grinding and sweating above stacks of syllabi, handbooks and compendiums?

It’s something youngsters will appreciate, and which - if repeated on a regular basis - will bolster appreciation of and communication with your brand.

It doesn’t take much effort, as we’ve experienced in one of the pop-up spaces we developed and managed for mobile bank Hello bank! Two years ago, we invited students to use the ping pong tables in the Hello bank! pop-up as study desks. We had designed the pop-up spaces as the perfect spot for youngsters to play and just hang out, which worked out splendidly as students need breaks in order to study efficiently. All we had to do was to provide some healthy snacks, and communicate about the study room we offered. It worked as a charm, and day after day, more students walked in. 

Creating a study was an easy way to get young consumers to talk about Hello bank! in a postive way, which is an invaluable feat in today’s fight for appreciation. Why did it work? Because Hello bank! found a specific context where people connected around a subject that was relevant for the brand. And because it succeeded in being a relevant and authentic presence, without being seen as an intruder. 

In our trend report Browsing The Margin, we elaborate on community building and communicating with youngsters. Have a look at the content, or go directly to our shop

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