Generation Alpha is coming

Today's and tomorrow's kids swipe before they draw. Say hi to Generation Alpha. They're the first ones born and raised with an iPad in their hands. In 'Generation Alpha in beta,' Maarten Leyts describes the generation kids born after 2010, the fast-changing context in which they grew up and the sensitive marketing and advertising landscape towards toddlers and children. 

TikTok, kidfluencers, Roblox, Minecraft, kidpreneurs. Generation Alpha (2010-2025) with their texting thumbs is not only your future coworker but also your future target group. They are connected with the whole world, but it's difficult to connect with them. Stop eye-rolling. They're more than only tech-savvy. And it's essential to understand them.

But we're facing a challenge here. Fully immersed in technology during their formative years and in a fast-changing world, differentiates Gen Alpha from previous generations. 

We're talking about the most diverse generation ever. Migration, gender, female empowerment will boost their opportunities. Another influential change is access to information. This reflects on the education of Generation Alpha. The unlimited access to knowledge will place our youngsters in a process of constant self-learning. Black mirror or vice versa? This potential mindset isn't predictable, but there's a lot to discover. 

Duration: 60 minutes

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