Music Festivals & The Search for God

Festivals have perfected the art of creating psychedelic, vibrant and otherworldly ambiances. For many young adults, it is the quintessential place where they can let their mind roam freely and meander off into the magic and marvellous, in search of something higher. Yes, festivals are about spirituality.

Meadows in the Mountains Festival is over. The attendees of the Bulgarian festival, recovering after three days of partying, are already counting the days until next year. They'll climb the Rhodope Mountains again, until they can dance above the clouds and under the stars. 

The festival describes itself as a 'truly encompassing music and arts festival that brings to life the possibility of real adventure. The magic is fused with a thoughtful, inspired and explorative music and arts line-up.' The words 'magic', 'adventure' and 'explorative' are crucial to today's festival goers.

Festivals are a popular means to break away from the mundanity of everyday life. They’re an outlet to have fun and hang loose, but they go beyond mere entertainment.

"We're all part of an extraordinary tribe. That feeling makes me feel totally connected with the world."

Festivals that offer the opportunity of meandering into new worlds, are on the rise. Tomorrowland & Burning Man are household names, and around the globe there's plenty of smaller festivals like Meadows in the Mountains Festival. 

Taking a break from normal life, invites youngsters to explore other aspects of themselves, and to connect with people they wouldn't meet in daily life. Bonding with others, bonding with themselves, and bonding with the flora and fauna around you, can help youngsters to garner valuable insights on life. Feeling connected, rejoiced and at best even transformed, festivals fuel not only the soul, but the entire community. 

What does this mean for business? 

The young generation is eagerly searching for meaning and purpose in their lives. For many of today’s young generation, breaking past the limits of the mind is the new adage. They seek meaning in mindwandering and spirituality. Brands can tap into the trend in a credible way by shifting their focus to reflection and value creation. We'd be glad to help you out! Give us a shout

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