StuDay(s) Starter Pack

STAN (Student & Antwerp) helps students to navigate throughout their student life and wanted to make the new students feel welcome with a StuDays Starter Pack. A welcome gift, coordinated by Trendwolves.


Challenge: Normally, the academic year in Antwerp starts with a big event called StuDay. Due to the coronavirus, this wasn’t possible in 2020. Nonetheless, STAN went all out to give the students a warm welcome (back). StuDays offered them countless free activities to explore student life in Antwerp. 

More than 15 000 new youngsters started their professional career as a student in Antwerp this September. (For many, a turning point in their lives, but for the students in 2020, extra special). STAN and the universities and university colleges wanted to support first-year students to quickly feel at home in their student city with a free StuDays Starter Pack. This pack needed to be as ecological as possible, have awesome goodies inside, and, of course, needed to look stunning. 

Approach: For the overall bag, we chose a tote bag, with a significant visual of StuDays. The tote bag contains free passes and goodies such as a Nalu and Alpro Chocolat Hazelnut drink, a one day ticket for Antwerpen Velo, access for Streamz, and a discount for The Park from Telenet. From STAN, they got a Student Guide Antwerp with inclosed seven student walks to discover the city, a graphic street plan/poster, and a nice pencil bag. (Picture: @OrinDhauwer)

We also wanted the StuDay Starter Pack to reflect the experience of the annual event. Therefore we put a branded wrist band on the handle of the tote bag. STAN also had a social media campaign to give 80 students a unique experience in Trix, called the StuDays Household Session. Nag Toekomst, High Hi, and The Calicos gave them a night to remember. (Picture: @fotojokko)

That brings us to the last item; the tote bag also contains a branded beer coaster with a QR code on top to link the students to the aftermovie. There they can win tickets for some other incredible concerts in Trix. 

Check the aftermovie here.  

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