The Futures of Data Conference XL edition

After 4 editions of The Futures Of Data in our office, it's time to take it to the next level. The Futures Of Data Conference on May 23rd in Ghent offers you a trip into the future. A dense line-up of inspiring speakers that will raise questions and provide answers. What's on the table for the next 10-20 digital years?

The goal of The Futures of Data is to provide different perspectives on our digital world. We've had policy makers (Alexander De CrooBart Rosseau), people from business (Saskia Van UffelenToon CoppensJarri Van Der Haeghen), artists (Dries Depoorter, Kasper Jordaens), journalists (Sasha Van der SpeetenMaarten Lauwaert & Hanne Brasseur) - each with a unique view on the future of data. 

Speakers are: 

Katryna Dow (founder, Jeroen Lemaire (ceo In the Pocket), Gerrie Smits (digital strategy), Andres Colmenares en Lucy Lucy Rojas (Founders Internet Age Media) & Ben Caudron (writer), Wim De Waele (ceo B-hive), Dimitri Verhelst (Juru) & Ingrid De Poorter (partner De Groote-De Man & GDPR expert). 


53 € (regular ) & 27 € (students) -------> BUY


The Futures of Data  is a research project by Trendwolves, in which we ask ourselves how the endless amount of data that is created and gathered daily will impact our lives in the short and in the long run. Check