Jong in Antwerpen, a project that focuses on connecting the diverse group op Antwerp youngsters with each other and with the city.

Challenge: The city of Antwerp is inhabited by a very diverse group of youngsters and has a lot to offer them. But how do we connect these youngsters with each other? And how do we connect them to their city and show them what their city has to offer them in a fun and attractive way?

Approach: The city of Antwerp welcomes: “Jong in Antwerpen”. A blog that focuses on connecting these youngsters and informing them of what is happening in the city.

Together with the youth department of Antwerp, we selected a team of youth reporters to go out into the city and explore all kinds of events, activities, workshops, news… They interview Antwerp youngsters to share their story with the rest of Antwerp. This way, Jong in Antwerpen gives a voice the their youth an becomes a project for and by Antwerp youngsters. Everyone is welcome, as long as you live, work or study in the city of Antwerp. And we at Trendwolves, are very pleased we are able to help these Antwerp youngster to discover their city and to connect with their peers! If you’re curious about their stories, you should go check out their Instagram page!