An interesting search for new aesthetics in fashion and graphic design

With the changing of 2012 into 2013, the world has stepped into its sixth year of economic crisis. We have tried many things, nothing seems to have changed. After surviving the predicted Apocalypse, we need something radical, different from the standards, opposite to what we know, in a way it can not leave anyone opinion-less. And where would this movement start but on the Internet? Today's speaker box of information, opinions and styles. Kryptonite to the older generations, but a powerful tool for their web-educated breeding.

Through time the internet became a parallel world, a digital equivalent to our tangible one, free of time and space as we know it. Information travels at the speed of light and you can be connected anywhere at anytime. Another continent is just a mouse click away and influence comes from all corners of this blue globe, creating a mix and match of convictions, styles and tastes. Creatives come together on the free, fast and modern playground that is the Internet. Using blogs like Tumblr or Reblorg as a creative blackboard. Where no one judges, makes rules, obliges or inhibits. They go wild and nobody can keep them from posting, liking and sharing.

As a reaction to all hipsters becoming graphic designers, more and more artist feel the need to distinguish themselves. They go against the grain and shock their crowd with ugliness, making cool trashy graphics, inspired by the Internet's iconography. A whimsical style that mashes together cartoons, rave culture and nostalgia for ’90s Internet imagery taking cues from random video games and anime. Mixing and matching cultures and on and off line worlds soaked in a grungy Nineties style-sauce express an eccentric fashion that praises the absurd.

When before fashion and style influence would be created by the hand and creative mind of great stylists like Dior or Chanel, fashion experts, in time, started to look at the world and the urban, lower classes to yield them inspiration, that's how street style became so important. However the reign of the Sartorialist and his followers seems to have passed its climax and a new influence is arising. It litterally springs out of digitally blue waves of online oceans, is wrapped in memories from the much re-appreciated Nineties and becomes somewhat nostalgic about the slow, primordial beginning of our Internet-era.

Ugly became the new pretty. A generation clash is bound to rise as a fearful reaction to a brightly colored, contemporary movement. But no clash will keep our style-plates from smelling vanilla, no older generation will save them from becoming tasteless. The beauty of ugliness will leave no-one untouched nor speechless. If the absurd will be welcomed in the tangible world as warmly as it has been greeted in its digital equivalent is still a question mark. But a first scream for change has been uttered, a first attempt to the world's metamorphosis has been made, now let's clash and mash towards revolution!