A virtual, 3D-STEM tool for 10 to 14 year olds; an initiative by Fedustria, the Belgian industry organisation for the wood, furniture and textile industries.

We're thrilled to introduce our newest creation, an initiative by Fedustria, the Belgian industry organisation for the wood, furniture and textile industries: Twiinz World.

Twiinz.World is a virtual 3D-STEM tool dedicated to 'tweens', kids between 10 and 14 years old, where, by using 3D replica's of existing designs and materials created by Fedustria member companies, young talent can get to know some of Belgium's most valuable industries.

Every week, for 3 weeks, the tweens are challenged to design their own virtual dream worlds and celebrate the industry and their imagination!

Dream it. 3D do it!

On March 28th and 29th, the first group of tweens will be introduced to in four of Belgium's most creative museums. They'll explore a virtual world powered by Twinmotion, a cutting-edge visualisation tool designed by none other than Epic Games. is a digital and educational project specially designed for tweens, our virtual natives. In they'll be challenged to design their own dream worlds and landscapes using 3D replicas of designs and materials from partnering Fedustria companies. Our young, creative geniuses will explore, experiment, imagine, create and compete!

There's much to win! The competition runs from the beginning of April until the end of May. 15 nominees will win a trip to Londen and the Epic Games Innovation Lab in August. 5 promising designers will win awards at our WATFF (Woodcraft And Textile Future Fest) event on October 9th.
Twiinz.World Competition - Imagine & Create

The competition consists of 3 challenges. Every week the participating tweens will be invited to create their virtual dream environments, such as 'design your dream bedroom or your dream classroom'.

Through the challenges, they're motivated to experiment and unleash their creativity in In a playful way their creative, design, and digital skills grow. They rethink existing designs, explore with texture and color, and integrate elements from their daily lives to shape their innovative dream worlds.

Esther and Nessi, 2 enthusiastic gamers and influencers, will guide the tweens and gradually teach them about the rich heritage and innovation power of our industries.

"With, we inspire tweens, aged 10 to 14, not children but also not teenagers. STEM education for young people is crucial for the influx of young talent into our industry. Twiinz primarily refers to the 'digital twins' of products, fabrics, and materials from Fedustria member companies with which young people can creatively engage. By opting for the 3D environment Twinmotion within Epic Games, we aim to allow young people to experiment with accurate 3D replicas of physical objects, thereby discovering their STEM talent."
(Karla Basselier - CEO Fedustria)

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