Workshop: Trend Watching

Trend watching is a workshop for organisations looking to make trend sensitivity part of their culture. Starting from our insights in youth trends and culture we dive into understanding the impact of spotting trends before they break out. 

It is said, the path to mainstream succes starts with youth. But how to tell apart trends from hypes or fads and revolutions? How to recognize trends before they enter the mainstream?

This workshop will focus on: 

  • understanding emerging expectations and consumer aspirations
  • extreme users, the mainstream and the path in between
  • how to spot early shift trends (basic principles) 
  • how to grow and nurture trend sensitivity in your organisation 
  • the role of (youth) trends in your future strategy 

This workshop is suitable for business leaders, marketing, communication and business development professionals who want to drive innovation in their organisation. 

Our workshops combine inspirational trend lectures, facilitated group talks and creative methodologies. A Trend Watching workshop is typically a one day workshop.