Youth Trend: Intox/Detox

Youngsters happily surrender to the most extreme experiences. After the binging though, they detox. The intox/detox trend is about the self-regulating pendulum between extreme decadence and extreme discipline

Word is 88.000 Belgians have pledged to restrain from alcohol for one month, starting tomorrow February 1st. Tournée Minerale raises money for cancer and highlights the benefits of restraining from alcohol.

Tournée Minerale fits perfectly in our Intox/Detox trend, which we featured in our 2015 Youth Trend Report 'Bright Underground'. Intox/Detox is about paying thousands of euros to go loco at Tomorrowland and indulge in all the extravagance, booze, drugs and culinary treats. To then, when the bonanza is over and everyone has returned home, eliminate all alcohol, sugar and gluten for at least a month. To top things up, they throw an intensive work-out schedule, some wearables and a mindfulness app in the mix. Not only the intox part, detox is also rather extreme. 

'It's about taking matters into your own hands in an exploratory way, to find out what works best for you.' Stephan Raczak (25), Biohacker, Denmark

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