Event: design students save the city

In August, 200 design students from over 40 different countries gather in Ghent for the intensive, two week design workshop MEDS (Meeting of Design Students). Trendwolves will host one project and be part of the program. 

From our office we look at it every day: the old harbour dockyards of Ghent. This site will be exposed to drastic infrastructural changes in the coming years. All of which will impact the way people live, meet, learn, play & work in this part of the city. 

But first, MEDS wants to use it as a breeding ground of initiative and creativity together with almost 200 young, ambitious and creative people. All within conversation distance. It’s needless to say, from the start, we wanted to be involved. 

We see how more and more citizens around the world engage themselves to shape their surroundings in different but collaborative ways. - MEDS

We thought about how we could contribute to the program and came up with two ways. 

The main event these two weeks will be 15 projects written in close collaboration with local pioneers and international tutors. Trendwolves hosts one project: Urban Data Birds. A further exploration of The Futures of Data together with partners such as Stad Gent. 

In efforts to make a safe haven for biodiversity amongst birds as well, the urban haven needs smart homes for their winged inhabitants. With Urban Data Birds, we want to build a visual refugee for birdlife that can be monitored. How can we use this data to raise awareness for biodiversity in the city? - Pieter-Jan Pauwels (Digipolis)

In addition, we will give trend lectures and organise balcony dinners. We want all participants to enjoy our nice view on the site and have a moment to share thoughts on design and the future of this beautiful city. 

This is a project for students, by students and thus is partially dependent on sponsorships. Especially running costs such as building materials, accomodation (coffee!!) and means of transportation are very welcome. Wanna sponsor or join them? Check MEDS' website for contact information and the full program.