This was The Futures of Data Conference

How is data changing our lives? The Futures of Data Conference by Hello bank! on May 23rd, was a trip into the next 10 to 20 years of data, all things digital and the internet. 

pictures by Yann Bertrand

the Futures Of Data is a research project by Trendwolves, supported by Hello bank!, in which we ask ourselves how the endless amount of data that is created and gathered daily will impact our lives in the short and in the long run. This was part I (open data), part II (data & music), part III (data & media), part IV (data & entrepreneurship) & The Futures of Data Conference. All info on

1. Lecture 'Data and Privacy in the Digital Age', by Katryna Dow, Meeco

As a company, ask yourself: what is the minimum amount of data I need to create real value for my customer?@katrynadow #meeco #tfod

 2. Privacy Debate, with Wim De Waele (B-Hive), Ingrid De Poorter (De Groote-De Man), Katryna Dow (Meeco) & Dimitri Verhelst (Juru)

'Technology is both a threat to and a solution for privacy problems' @ the privacy debate #tfod #bigdata #GDPR 

3. Lecture 'What the F. is blockchain and how will it affect our lives?', by Gerrie Smits, blockchain advocate

Golem/titcoin/dapps/hashesmegahashesmegamegahashes...yep, we're talking #blockchain with @gerriesmits #wegetitdoyou #tfod #bigdata #futures

4. Lecture 'The next 10 years of mobile technology', by Jeroen Lemaire, In The Pocket 

Smartphones are simply a connection to the computer. We're looking for the next connection. Our next big love affair with the computer. @Lemaire

5. Lecture 'A Story about our Stories about Technology', by Ben Caudron, Technology Sociologist

The only certainty is uncertainty. We're looking for deliverance. And technology is providing it. @bencaudron #newreligion #tfod #priest

6. Lecture 'Internet Cultures & New models for Society', by Andrès Colmenares & Lucy Rojas

How do we stop consuming 'The Future'? How do we become creators of these futures?  @Colmenares

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