t/f/o/d part IV: Data & Entrepreneurship

Is an entrepreneur without data skills an ex-entrepreneur? Let's discuss Data & Entrepreneurship on the/futures/of/data part IV on april 27! Tickets on sale now!

So you think data can transform business? You're damn right. That's why we investigate the link between data and entrepreneurship on april 27 in our offices in Ghent. How much data do you need in order to do business? How to hack your own business? And what's the exact value of data?  

Saskia Van Uffelen (ceo Ericsson Belux and author of Iedereen baas!) will talk about new entrepreneurship, Thomas Weyn & Otto Van de Steene (founders Onak Canoes) reveil how to crowdfund like a pro, and Toon Coppens (co-founder Realo, ex-Netlog) talks big, BIG data. 

When? April 27th - Where? Ghent, Sassevaartstraat 46/402 (on our terrace if the weather is nice) -  More Info? tfod.be - Tickets? 10 euro: Click

See you there!! 

the/futures/of/data is a new research project by Trendwolves, in which we ask ourselves how the endless amount of data that is created and gathered daily will impact our lives in the short and in the long run. This was part I (open data), part II (data & music) & part III (data & media).  More info on www.tfod.be