t/f/o/d Part III: Data & Media

Fake news, data advertising and the fight of the incumbents. This was the/futures/of/data part III:

the Futures Of Data is a research project by Trendwolves, in which we ask ourselves how the endless amount of data that is created and gathered daily will impact our lives in the short and in the long run. This was part I (open data), part II (data & music), part IV (data & entrepreneurship) & The Futures of Data Conference. All info on www.tfod.be

The third edition of the/futures/of/data was all about data and media. Michel De Wachter (Spott CEO) discussed data advertising and its impact on media. Will the era of obtrusive ads finally be over? According to Michel, in 2019 our fav series will no longer be interrupted by diaper ads (Thank God) and there's no escaping product placement. 

Kasper Jordaens (API Hacker / creative coder /imec ...) unveiled the secrets of the algorithms that filter our outlook on the world. 

And Maarten Lauwaert & Hanne Brasseur (digital strategy VRT News) elaborated on the future strategies of the flemish public service broadcaster VRT. Our key take-away: data is a very new thing for the VRT.

Shout out to our partners Hello bank!Stad Gent and De Groote-De Man.

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