t/f/o/d part II: Data & Music

Who needs music journalists, band managers and DJ's when you've got Big Data Algorithms? This was part II of the/futures/of/data on february 27th 2017: 

The Futures Of Data is a research project by Trendwolves, in which we ask ourselves how the endless amount of data that is created and gathered daily will impact our lives in the short and in the long run. This was part I (open data), part III (data & media), part IV (data & entrepreneurship) & The Futures of Data Conference. All info on www.tfod.be

Jarri Van Der Haegen, band manager and blogger, talked about the role of big data in the music industry.

Sasha Van der Speeten, journalist and music programmer for BRUZZ, discussed the role of music journalists, music programmers and influencers in a Spotified world.

And Fredo De Smet, former DJ and curator, will join in with a talk about the future of music.

Shout out to our partners Hello bank!, Stad Gent and De Groote-De Man.

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