Parental Control

The internet wasn’t initially made for children, but every second 2 children discover the web for the very first time without limitations.

The age at which these children discover this online world of visually attractive information is getting younger by the minute. In addition to this, life is hectic for everyone, and being a parent is even 100 times busier. How do you monitor some of your children’s research? Parental control apps are getting more attention, and with reason.

Challenge: Trendwolves teamed up with an ambitious partner to analyse the need of all stakeholders involved in a young child’s life (think 1 to 6 years old) and whether or not to monitor a child’s online behaviour. Secondly, we’ve described what kind of solution they prefer regarding this subject. 

Approach: These questions were answered during several focus groups/stakeholders to make sure that our partner’s tool meets the many challenges people get confronted with. Curious? Right now, we cannot say too much yet about this unique tool, but rest assured, it’s going to be one of a kind. We’ll keep you updated!

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